Novel Writing Tips

The following Novel Writiing Tips have been quoted from this fashion blog

Writing tips

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Father and Son

My experimental shot with Instagram

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Singing Thumbelina

Before the Soft Launching Meilina Utomo’s fashion website, she planned carefully of the project, such as time scheduling for Preparation, Preliminary Design, Buying Material, Production , Design Illustration, Website Preparation for Marketing (including its Logo) , Website Soft Launching, etc.
Finally on her birthday, May 26th, 2012, she succeeded in launching that Fashion Website.
And now you can find some her original fashion designs on Singing Thumbelina .
The interesting story of Thumbelina Fairy Tale written by Hans Christian Andersen had inspired her to create this website.

Hope you like and enjoy it !



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Speed Drawing Technique

Speed Drawing Technique

Creativeness is difficult to explain, especially in fashion. For example the design of a dress is only fully pictured in the mind of a designer. The designer then has to express his creation through sketches but it must be precisely expressed suiting the mood of the fabric. You must have knowledge of fabric in order to design and sometimes designs are based on the textile in the professional world


Some people want to get knowledge of designing. They are convinged that they have a little talent in drawing but they don’t know how to digg and develop it.

Therefore, on her site my daughter Meilina Utomo has tried to create this video tips to assisting them in Speed Drawing.

Enjoy !

Hello, World !

Welcome to FASHION DESIGNS ! This is my very first post.

This site is dedicated to those who want to get useful information about sites, products, services, and other thing on the web, especially that related to the development of fashion business.

Good Luck !

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